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    Dr. Mila Marinova

    Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences @Kulak
    E. Sabbelaan 51 - 8500 Kortrijk
    +32 56 24 62 85
    Room: 01.14
    Office hours: 09:00-17:00

    In July 2016 I graduated as a MSc in Cognitive Science from New Bulgarian University (Sofia, Bulgaria). As a master student I was already interested in number processing, so seeking a doctoral position in numerical cognition came natural to me. In October 2016, I joined the Numerical Cognition Lab as a PhD researcher. Here, under the supervision of Bert Reynvoet and Delphine Sasanguie, I investigated the relationship between symbolic and non-symbolic number processing, by means of behavioral, developmental, and neuroimaging studies. I have additional research interests in cross-modal processing, synesthesia, attention, and research methodologies. I am a strong proponent of scientific communication and integrity. I also hold a BA in Philosophy and Political Sciences.