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    Dr. Delphine Sasanguie

    Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences @Kulak
    E. Sabbelaan 51 - B8500 Kortrijk
    +32 56246037
    Room: 01.14
    Office hours: 9:00-17:00

    During my doctoral research (2009 – 2013), I focused on the development of basic number processing skills and the relation with mathematics achievement in both children and adults, making use of behavioral and neuroimaging methods. Afterwards, I obtained a competitive postdoctoral fellowship of the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO; 2013 – 2017), in which I focused on the neurocognitive development of symbolic number processing. During this junior postdoc, my interest in more applied research and having a holistic view came to the forefront. I co-guided my first PhD student (Belde Mutaf) and this supervision addressed the educationalist in me again (I am a master in Education) and sparked my ‘old’ love for having a broader perspective on the factors contributing to academic success. I therefore independently started to investigate the role of other than domain-specific cognitive factors contributing to academic (math) achievement, such as individual domain-general cognitive factors (e.g., cognitive control), but also individual affective factors (e.g., anxiety, attitudes, beliefs). This new, broader focus is the topic of my current, senior postdoc project for which I obtained funding again from the FWO (2017 – 2020). The final aim in this context is to set up efficient interventions to boost math learning in typical learners and children with mathematical difficulties, making use of educational technology (in collaboration with researchers from the Itec/Imec Research Group@ Kulak). Meanwhile, I also co-supervise two PhD students, namely Mila Marinova and Manon Vansteenkiste. Furthermore, I am affiliated to the Department of Experimental and Applied Psychology (EXTO) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) as a Guest Research Professor because of my broad expertise in cognition and development.